Acrylic Sealing for Roof Tiles & Natural Stone in Miami, FL

We offer professional driveway & patio sealing services.

"Acrylic sealing, whether it's glossy, semi-gloss or satin, is a great way to restore the luster to your roof tiles, paved patio or driveway and your marble and natural stone surfaces. Our driveway and patio sealing services are invaluable in protecting these surfaces when they're in high-traffic areas and can absolutely help prevent mold regrowth.
Your patio, paver or natural stone surfaces were expensive investments, trust a professional patio and driveway sealing company to preserve these assets.”
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Ultra Pressure Cleaning also does acrylic sealing of tile roofs.

Click here to learn the benefits of high acrylic solid sealant.

Some facts and advice on acrylic sealing of your roof tiles, stone, and other surfaces:

Did you know...

  • You need to pressure clean any surface (ground surface or roof tiles) that is going to be sealed?
  • The surface needs to be dry? So never let anyone rush the job and insist on cleaning and sealing the same day.
  • Sealants have different quality grades. Ultra Pressure Cleaning only uses sealant with a very high percentage of acrylic solids?
  • Roof tiles can be sealed? This can slow the re-growth of mold by years!
  • Sealing your pavers, stone or roof tiles adds a huge amount of "curb appeal"? Sealing really brings out the color, texture and feature of the paver or stone adding $$$ back to that valuable asset.

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