Benefits of High Acrylic Solid Sealant

Seal Your Pavers & Your Tile Roof With A High Acrylic Solid Sealant

The high acrylic solid sealer that Ultra Pressure Cleaning uses is a proprietary formula that is only available to professionals in the business. It is formulated for durability and long life in the harsh climate of South Florida as well as high traffic usage (i.e. pavers).

The main cost for cleaning and sealing your surface is the cost that Ultra Pressure Cleaning pays for the sealer by itself ($90-$100 per 5 gallons). The remaining cost is attributed to the need to clean and seal on two completely separate trips, separated by at least two rain-free days – this allows the surface to thoroughly dry before the sealer is applied.

The following is Ultra Pressure Cleaning’s advice on why you should seal your home:

  1. Protecting your paved surfaces is important to maintaining the aesthetic value of your home. Our high acrylic solid sealant protects your paver from oxidation from the sun’s UV rays and the heat and humidity which gives surfaces a washed-out look over time. It also protects from car oil, hydraulic fluid, anti-freeze, and other staining substances. Stains that would have needed replacement are now easily washed away thanks to our solid sealant.
  2. Sealing your roof and other surfaces provide substantial protection against mold and algae growth as well as weed growth (in pavers). Our high acrylic solid sealant fills in the micro-pores of a tile/paver surface, which prevents dampness and mold as a result. Based on our experience, your roof tiles shouldn’t be growing any mold for 3-4 years after they are sealed.
  3. By sealing your roof tiles, you increase the reflectivity of the surface which leads to a cooler surface, reducing the heat that would build up in an attic
  4. Sealed surfaces simply make your home look GREAT!

To maintain optimal protection, Ultra Pressure Cleaning recommends pressure cleaning and resealing whatever surface was sealed every 2-3 years, but the absence of continued maintenance will do no harm to your surfaces, as the coating will slowly wear away and disappear. The only evidence of the sealant fading would be the oxidation of the increasingly unprotected stone or paver, stains beginning to appear, and regrowth of mold and algae.

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