Introducing the Ultra Safe Wash Program!

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December 11, 2019 at 10:40 am


How would you like to never have to pressure clean your home (or business) again? 


The ‘Ultra~Safe~Wash’ Program

Ultra Pressure Cleaning’s ‘Soft-Wash’ Maintenance Plan. A soft wash program that is gentle, safe & actually works!

Or as we call it…

The Never Pressure Clean Your Home Ever Again Plan!

Residence cleaned by Ultra Pressure Cleaning

This client’s white tile roof hasn’t been pressure cleaned in almost 8 years! 

But, first things first, let me reintroduce myself. I’m Harry, President of Ultra Pressure Cleaning. For almost 17 years now we have been keeping South Florida fresh & clean from the ravages of South Florida’s climate.

Our, seemingly never-ending hot & rainy summers, along with the terribly high humidity and temperatures make it mold, mildew, and algae nirvana!  These pesky and damaging organisms live only to eat your home make it look as bad as they possibly can! They are true ‘micro-scoundrels’. The bane of a homeowner’s existence! 

These fungi and various types of algae come in all kinds of colors from dark black molds, the grey speckling patina of creeping mildews, rust-colored red & brown fungus, and green algae. They are ‘on duty’ 24/7 turning your lovely pastel or light gray designer roof tiles into a mottled gray and black mess!  

Where Do Mold, Mildew, Fungus, and Algae Grow?

Anywhere it’s a bit shadier, a little cooler (like under those oaks or palm trees, you know who you guys are), and moist from your oh so diligent irrigation, timed just right for your Begonias and Liriope. This is how green algae grows on your wall, or in the middle of that keystone or paved walkway. This is where UPC comes in!


Making South Florida Shine!  

….one house, one business at a time…. 

Residence cleaned by Ultra Pressure CleaningResidence cleaned by Ultra Pressure Cleaning

 Ultra Pressure Cleaning has years of experience dealing with these unattractive, unhealthy and damaging organisms.

Let me give you a brief (as the British say) primer on the what, why & how of dealing with mold, mildew, fungus, algae, mineral staining, and bug debris. 

What Is Growing Outside Your House?

The awful stuff growing, and dare I say again, eating your home are living organisms that reproduce. They love to settle in/on your roof tiles, your painted walls, your lovely wooden doors, soffits, decks, fences and any other surface you can imagine.

They can easily be identified by the fact that you didn’t put them there, you didn’t hire anyone to paint them onto your surfaces, and they come in a range of grays, blacks, reds, greens, browns, ochre, camel, taupe……well maybe so-so designer tinted but you get the idea….

  • They grow, spread, reproduce and release irritating spores.
  • These organisms rot your wood, lift your paint, work their way under your roof tiles and start eating your roof waterproofing layer. 
  • They make your Chicago brick really slippery and stain your beautiful marble & keystone pool deck, porch, patio. 
  • they can make your baby sneeze and have a runny nose.
  • They leave red & brown streaks on your walls and leave green stains on your windows and basketball backboard and force you to look for some guy in an old pickup truck with a machine that shoots high-pressure water to blast these guys away, off of your home and out of your life because they are just simply awful! 

Why You Should Soft Wash Your Home

You get the picture here. In fact, you probably recognize some of these scenarios. This may be a bit dramatized but, the truth of the matter is that all the above is accurate; these molds, mildews, fungus and algae can cause respiratory irritation, they do damage by literally eating, lifting and cracking your home or businesses’ surfaces. 

It’s not so difficult to understand how they are not only dangerous to the integrity of your surfaces but also to you, yourself! If you have ever stepped onto mold or algae on thick old Chicago brick, paver or concrete patio, driveway, porch or sidewalk when it was just a little damp and felt how really slippery it was you know. In just the past two weeks, I counseled several prospective clients on how they are just one small step and a slip & fall away from a catastrophe!

You have to remember that these micro-organisms are everywhere, all the time. Even after you hired the guy in the old pickup truck with the water spraying machine to ‘blast’ those buggers off of your roof tiles, which he does (after perhaps a few days and several broken tiles).  

The roof looks ‘clean’, but they are still there, just in much smaller numbers and relatively invisible. They’re just ‘marshaling’ their metabolisms, and immediately beginning to reproduce to grow denser and prevalent enough to start the graying and blackening process. They enter again into the accelerated process of ‘the exponential growth phase’. It’s the power of compound interest we all learned of in school but in a perverse ‘mico-scoundrel’ way where the mold and algae’s gain is your loss.

How UPC Soft Washes Your Home

We know the enemy and the enemy is (not ourselves as the saying goes) the mold, mildew, fungus, and algae that bedevil us. We understand how to effectively kill mold, mildew, fungus, and algae! Gently removing these staining and damaging organisms from any surface such as terra cotta Spanish barrel tile, delicate old painted surfaces, wood, and even fragile natural stone.

Ultra Pressure Cleaning safely treats these surfaces so that even the microscopic spores and particles are gone, dead, zilch, zip and are no more…..nada! Our knowledge, expertise, care, and patience make us the mold, mildew, fungus and algae whisperers of South Florida!

We understand that no amount of blasting and brute force will relieve your surfaces of this awful staining. 

Finesse, not force is how we restore your stained surfaces.

This is where I again re-introduce…

The ‘Ultra~Safe~Wash’ Program

Ultra Pressure Cleaning’s soft wash maintenance plans

The Ultra Safe Wash Program is a 2 part systematic protocol where we can address both:

1)    a client’s roof

2)    and separately, their walls, ground, and any other surfaces

Ultra Pressure Cleaning soft washing a clients roofBasketball Court Soft Wash

The ‘Ultra Anti-Mold’ roof tile Program

this roof protocol is great for tile roofs, keeping them clean with our gentle 3x per year, no Impact/no Cracks, anti-mold treatments! 

the basics of this program are as follows:

  • a trimester program with scheduled visits every 4 months (sometimes a 4x per year-quarterly plan is necessary to keep the roof mold-free)
  • 30-40 min spray treatment for most roofs (compared to the many hours of walking over your entire roof during abrasive & high impact pressure cleaning) with a mold killing and sterilizing solution. 
  • we keep track of your scheduled appts and notify you a week in advance before each treatment.
  • roof tile friendly and perfect for flat tile roofs because with this program, We guarantee that you never have to pressure clean your roof ever again!  

How long does your roof stay clean?  Forever, if you maintain the scheduled, every 4-month service regimen

                Anti-Mold soft Wash by UPC    UPC roof soft wash

The ‘Ultra~Safe~Wash’ program for all of your other surfaces;

This protocol is great for painted walls, natural stone, wood, and fragile, delicate surfaces, keeping them clean with our gentle 3x per year Never Pressure Clean Again Guarantee!


  • A trimester program with scheduled visits every 4 months (sometimes a 4x per year, quarterly, plan is necessary to keep your surfaces mold and bug debris free)
  • We treat, wash and prevent your various surfaces from being ‘covered’ in bug debris and from turning, black, green and gray from the unhealthy mold, algae, and unattractive mineral staining, that we worked so hard to remove
  • We keep track of your scheduled appts and notify you in advance before each treatment
  • Landscape friendly and perfect for all types of surfaces as well……

with this program, We guarantee that you never have to pressure clean your surfaces again! 

This plan guarantees these surfaces will always be bright and clean without having to wait until they become badly stained and then subject these surfaces to the relatively erosive process of pressure cleaning.

If you have any comments or questions, you can always contact me by email:

[email protected]

Or, I am always available to take your call or text;

Reach me, Harry, at; 305-310-9706

And with that…

Thank you & have a simply incredible day!!!

– Harry (President & Founder of U.P.C.)





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