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Tips for Power Washing Decks

Wood surfaces such as decks, boat docks, or fences can definitely be pressure cleaned, and our team at Ultra Pressure Cleaning has a few things to share about this process before we get started.

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Power Washing Wood Needs to be Done Carefully.

Wood is a soft surface. Pressure cleaning wood decks or other surfaces should be done with a wand that has an adjustable pressure valve right at the fingertips of the technician so they can adjust the stream of water to a low to medium force and prevent “furring” of the wood.

When power washing your wood, our technicians will follow the grain of the wood and clean in regular even strokes so that removing the graying caused by the Florida sunshine and the black buildup of mildew can then be done safely.

After the Initial Cleaning, your Wood Needs to be Protected From Future Damage.

Once a wood fence or deck is cleaned by one of our experienced technicians, we recommend that you choose a wood penetrating water preventive product to protect the wood's surface. A silicone-based Behr's or Thompson's is good to provide 8-12 month's protection and can be applied after pressure cleaning.

You may otherwise opt for an oil-based preservative such as Cabot's Australian Wood Oil. Any wood can benefit from this treatment, but it is most often used with hardwood's like teak, Ipe', and Kumaru, especially on wood docks, outdoor furniture, and boat decks.

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