Why Homeowners Should Hire a Professional Power Washer

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November 28, 2018 at 2:21 pm
Man using power washer on roof of home.

When homeowners notice their house, roof, driveway and deck have started showing signs of age, they know it’s time for a power wash. However, some allow the temptation to save money cost them in the long run, because they believe they can power wash their own homes instead of turning to a trusted professional.

While home improvement stores do offer rental equipment, it’s best to avoid turning it into a do-it-yourself project when it comes to the longevity of your property. Here are three reasons homeowners should hire a professional power washer.

1. Professionals use top-quality equipment.

Professionals know that to deliver the best services, they must invest in the best equipment. It takes a full range of tools to complete a power washing job, and professionals come equipped with everything they need for each surface that needs cleaning.

Don’t risk damage to your property with a one-size-fits-all solution that might also be outdated. Instead, rely on someone with the most appropriate knowledge and devices to leave your home in great condition.

2. Professionals know the proper amount of pressure for each surface.

How do you know which setting to use on your house in comparison to your deck? How does pressure cleaning a roof compare to a driveway? Should you use the same techniques for each surface?

It’s not enough to perform cursory research online about how to power wash each surface. Hiring a professional ensures custom solutions for each area that eliminate the risk of improper pressure and could result in damage to your property.

3. Professionals are trained in best safety practices.

It’s no surprise climbing ladders and walking around on roofs create safety hazards for power washing your home. But the high speed of a power washer in addition to slick surfaces create even more danger in these environments.

Professional power washers are experts in safely navigating these challenges and understanding how to perform their responsibilities in challenging scenarios. It’s not worth risking your personal safety because of a lack of proper training in these areas.

Hire A Professional Pressure Cleaning Company

Your next power washing project should leave your property in top shape, so hire a licensed and insured crew that gets the job done right. Contact UPC today to schedule a professional power wash for your home.

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